Rotor pump in general fault solution

2019-08-26 11:37:39

Rotor pump can transport in the process of working substance or corrosive chemicals, and don't have to worry about equipment will be affected by the material corrosion, so now the device is a large number of applications. But the equipment in the process of work also will inevitably happen some problem, if you meet the general failure, can through the following ways to check and solve.

If rotor pump have a lower productivity, need timely check whether equipment parts loose happened, a lot of equipment in the process of use for parts loose, so the equipment shipping rate will decline. Additional equipment at work in the event of the noise problem, also want to stop the work in time to check, observe whether the need for lubrication equipment parts, or do you need for simple maintenance.

Now, with the continuous development of science and technology, the working efficiency of the rotor pump also begin to have a larger increase, but in order to can let equipment at work can bring more benefits for production work, shall regularly check equipment performance and parts work.