Rotor pump use when you need to pay attention to

2019-08-26 11:37:23

When we are in the use of rotor pump is a place where there's a lot of it is important to note, so where are need to pay attention to, let us together to look at.

First of all, needs to be done before we start, we need to check the inside of the gear box oil is enough, and RunHua oil regularly for replacement, replacement time is in commonly used about four thousand hours. And start to open the gate of import and export, when medium to me you need to use hand to turn the rotor pump, confirm can formally after normal operation, and can not be carried out while the air pump operation.

And rotor pump during the process of running need to be aware of, at run time, we must pay attention to the motor power as well as to the operation situation, if there is any abnormal will stop running to find the reason. Using packing seal of pump body, allows one to three drops per minute, if more than should press ring. With mechanical seal should be no leakage and the phenomenon of fever.