Working principle of rotor pump

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Everyone in the understanding of the rotor pump, rotor pump is not to know when the work, the working principle of what is, is not particularly want to know how it is to play a role in the food and beverage industry and cosmetic medicine, then let me know who then is how the magical rotor pump play a role in these areas.

First of all, the source of power rotor pump is to rely on the rotation process of strong suction generated in the import place two synchronous reverse rotation of their two blades, so can we breathe and conveying the material needed, rotor pump are constantly running, we need the Everfount will be transported to where it is needed.

It can be applied to all the fluid field, the rotor pump can not absorb transport of solid matter, if you want me to see when the rotor pump is the true face of Mount Lu, we can go to see the Chocolate Factory Oh, we are not to understand her work principle.

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